Fire-Breathing Dragons: Cream (BTY)
Item# BQ-11-800-BEIGE


 Fire-Breathing Dragons: Cream (BTY)
100% Cotton.

1 Yard (36 inches) Increments.

44-45 inch width.

Indulge yourself in this opulent display of fire-breathing dragons detailed with shimmering gold metallic.

In Asia, the mighty dragon is a mythical beast long celebrated for its benevolence, intelligence and good will.

The dragon has been a common symbol of identity for East Asian cultures. In fact, Chinese people all over the world are affectionately known as lung de chuan ren, or the "descendants of the dragon." Known in Chinese as lung, the Asian dragon was believed to have originated in China.

Gold highlights add a touch of elegance to this already opulent print.

Larger dragons are approximately 13 inches.